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Precious blue note of September...
Precious blue note of September...

Precious blue note of September...

Sapphire, the purest of all colored precious gems, the September stone.

This September, it's a sapphire that takes the throne and will reign undisputed for 30 days.
Among all the colored gemstones, it is considered the purest.
In a previous interview, our insider Moise Mann from Maison Manalys shared his passion for this magnificent stone and an anecdote about an extraordinary yellow sapphire he was determined to acquire during one of his many journeys in search of exceptional gemstones (see interview HERE).

Precious blue note os September, by LB

Creativity, inspiration, calm, and serenity – these are perfect virtues for the month of September in Brussels, attributed to sapphire in lithotherapy.
We began a series of articles on the abilities of gemstones to interact with us, and on this particular topic, we spoke with our expert Delphine Brasseur; click here to read her interview.

Precious blue note of September, by LB

Creative, this exquisite stone certainly is.
It usually adorns itself in blue, but it can also be yellow, pink, orange, or even, extremely rarely, entirely colorless (called leucosapphire), like a diamond.
Furthermore, sometimes it develops in a very unique way, hiding a star within its heart.

Precious blue note of September, by LB

Star sapphires are extraordinary; opaque in appearance, they reveal a star when illuminated... Recently, the most extraordinary star sapphire was discovered in Sri Lanka, in the Ratnapura mine. With over 1400 carats, it is a perfect star sapphire and has been named the "Star of Adam."
The gem was named after the Islamic belief that Adam arrived in Sri Lanka after being banished from the Garden of Eden and that he rested on a mountain known as Adam's Peak. The gemstone was initially purchased by a buyer from Switzerland but was later sold to an anonymous buyer, his value is considered about 300M$!

The Star of Adam / Star sapphire, by LB
The Star of Adam Star Sapphire possesses profound cultural and spiritual importance in the vibrant tapestry of Sri Lanka, where it gleams as a harbinger of prosperity and the benevolent hand of destiny. Wrapped in mythic threads, this gem finds itself intertwined with the legendary tale of King Solomon and the enigmatic Queen of Sheba.
Whispers in the wind suggest that the Star of Adam may have once graced the Queen's fabled treasure trove, casting its luminous glow upon an ageless tale of opulence and intrigue.

More recently, towards the end of 2021, another extraordinary sapphire was unearthed in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, often referred to as the "City of Precious Stones." This discovery set a monumental record, marking the largest sapphire in the world, this sapphire has been called the "Queen of Asia"!

Queen of Asia sapphire, by LB

Weighing a staggering 300 kilograms in its raw, uncut form, the Sri Lankan authorities conducted a battery of tests on five samples from this remarkable gem. Their findings unveiled that it ranked among the rarest and purest gemstones globally, adding another chapter to the captivating story of Ratnapura's illustrious gem heritage.

This back-to-school month is thus adorned with the seal of deep blue, a hue that embodies creativity, a wellspring of beauty, and a reservoir of calm. It's the perfect shade to embark on this new and potentially turbulent period, nurturing your projects as the year draws to a close!

If you're eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of this precious stone, we recommend seeking out a genuine gemstone expert. Here are some top-notch avenues to explore for those eager to expand their knowledge and perhaps acquire a new sapphire for this September!

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