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Tracked "LB lovers" summer destinations III

Tracked "LB lovers" summer destinations III

Let's talk around YOUR fav spots in Summer...

Ahhhh Italy, its pasta and its pizzas!!...
What, you think it's a bit simplistic? But not a little,... so much!

There are so many "clichés" about Italy. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a country of contrasts, the life of the North, the life of the South, habits change, the history is multiple, depending on the region, the Italians will answer you differently!

There are the women of Italy, beautiful mixture of grace and strength, and if you discuss with them the macho side of their men, they will tell you "Yes, they are a little macho, but they all go home on time, for fear of facing the wrath of an Italian!

There is the gastronomy, sublime model of Mediterranean cuisine, the taste of tomato, oregano, basil, and there is the Gold of Italy, the olive oil that all Italians say they invented...

They are chauvinistic these Italians, chauvinistic and proud of their roots and of their way of speaking by waving their hands, they are proud of the breathtaking beauty of their coast, of their cities, of their past and present artists, Italy is a clever mixture of joyful disorganization and strength of character.

Italy is also one of your favorite destinations during the summer, for many of you and for many of our Insiders like Roseline d'Oreye for example.
You sometimes choose to spend some time in their most beautiful cities, stories of Roman Empire or absolute romanticism, of leaning tower and universal works of art, you drive along the coast to admire the Italian seaside, unique in the world and so magnificent, these small villages perched on the side of a rocky hill, you also stay in palaces nestled in the heart of a paradise, not far from Naples, the most vibrant and crazy city of the peninsula, or you can choose to go a little further out to sea and spend a few days in Sicily or Sardinia, two of the most beautiful islands in the world...

For all those who left there in July, or who are about to leave, we wish you a very nice holiday period!!!
Don't forget, send us your photos, we will publish them at the start of the school year!!

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