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About Luxury Brussels

Creative media platform & experiences

Luxury Brussels - Creative Media Platform & Experiences is above all a community project.
Its organisation, management, strategic orientations, definition of its editorial line and its partnership choices ensure that it respects the purpose of our Luxury Brussels brand, to serve those who make Brussels shine with their talents and know-how.

Our team is really great, everyone in their right place, real professionals in their respective fields and ultra-motivated by this beautiful project to make Brussels shine.
Paola, Christian, Meryl, Calista, Damien, Ruby, Christian (2), Chris... and of course our technical partners and digital media experts with whom we have been working for a long time on our other projects!




Original content

This is the heart of the platform, the central part, the one that generates and organises all the content around 15 main categories and over 30 sub-categories.
A team of real professionals who have already started working on the project and this notion of original content since early 2020!
Luxury Brussels is a content generation platform, the vast majority of which is created by LB//EDITO, in a single, universal language, English.
A vision of Brussels, a mad desire to show only the most brilliant, intelligent, sensible, caring and interesting things!
LB//EDITO is directed by Christian Hagen, a wonderful personality, exceptional photographer and story creator, Christian is also a talented writer and a lover of Brussels where he lives.


Creative tours

Storytelling is great, but in the "Experiences" part of the platform, we go from digital to real.
For example, through our "Brussels Creative Experiences - Live Tours" offer, we invite you to experience Brussels, to travel around it, to discover it or rediscover it in a different way through thematic guided tours with limousine service and a few creative touches, the "Sparks".
Through scenarios imagined by our team, the limousine will lead you safely through interesting adventures on themes such as Art Nouveau, Artefacts & Ancient Civilisations, Art Deco, FashionDesign, Gems & Jewellery, Cinema, Aviation, Taste&Bubbles, ...
Damien Locqueneux, with the kind advice of Luc Petit ( Luc Petit Creations) is in charge of creating and staging these tours.
With advising from Arkadia for the tour Senses of Art Nouveau, another courses are studied with Karin & Marie.

Open access

Sharing your stories

The portal and its social channels have been designed with the main objective of highlighting those who make Brussels shine through the quality of their work and their commitment to excellence.
Artisans, premium brands, ultra-quality businesses, creators and artists, our platform is accessible and open to broadcast your news at no cost!
Through our DROP BOX, send our team your information, photos, videos, upcoming events,...
Choose among 35 subjects, select the date of publication and we do the rest, each news sent will be processed and then, most of the time, published (and at times promoted!).
Calista is the person in charge of the DROP ZONE and the news distribution line of our beautiful city, get in touch with her for more info.


Advertise with us!

The Luxury Brussels MEDIA team is at your service to talk about communication, special operations, partnerships, sponsoring and promotion of your best stories and news!
No advertising banners, only real, beautiful and interesting content that we will produce with you and your teams, and then broadcast them to our local and/or international community.
Plan your campaigns, organise, distribute and give a nice targeted visibility to your news with the support of our digital marketing experts.
Whether you have a communication department or agency or not, our team is at your disposal to create your campaigns, content, and/or direct them in the most effective way possible to our audience!
Want to know more? Please get in touch with Chris and let's start working together!
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