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3 hours from Brussels... Top Time!
3 hours from Brussels

3 hours from Brussels... Top Time!

From Brussels to Brussels, Anytime, Anywhere... Private mode ^^

We are not encouraging you to leave Brussels for good, let's be clear about that!
We really think that living in Brussels is a privilege and this city still has its charms that keep you there for life;... but to be able to appreciate something for a long time, always, you have to be deprived of it from time to time...
In 3 hours top time, as far as possible towards .... south(!) and I'm not talking about going by bike, even electric, no we'll take a Jet this morning and we'll enjoy Mojitos for 2pm on the beach!

Just reading it, it already makes you dream and it makes you want to go on some crazy escapades, not too thoughtful, to be honest, generally towards the south! In 3 hours top time, you can be in Marbella, on the beach of Capobino installed on a deckchair with a drink in your hand facing the sea. And when we say "top time", it's from the moment you have the idea to go somewhere,... take your time, think about the destination, a private flight is something else, no constraint of departure time, it's you who decide.
We agree, it's perfectly a question of money, but above all of time more than money, taking a whole day for a return trip to Sicily (MustSee Temples of Agrigente...), I admit, we don't all have this time nor the opportunity but admit that just imagining it already feels good!
It's also a fantastic idea for a gift, you take the time to write the story, you prepare it and the morning of the D-day, you leave in a limo to LuxAviation in Zaventem airport and a "3 hours in a private jet top time" which you then transform into "1 weekend top time, I promise not more"!
If we don't do anything crazy now, will we do it tomorrow?
More info about crazy trips possibilities from our city > CLICK HERE!

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