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5 anticipated love stories for August...
5 anticipated love stories for August...

5 anticipated love stories for August...

To open, browse, read, and fall in love.

Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of five of the most romantic, thrilling, sexy, and enchanting love stories of your vacation!
With five more books to read and savor this summer, the season of sun brings a delightful array of amorous adventures.

When the season of the Sun started, we carefully curated a compelling selection to fill your July with the most enthralling love tales.
In case you missed it, here's the link to our first list!

Love stories for August, by LB

Now, for this second round, brace yourself for yet another challenging choice, as the treasure trove of top books that can sweep us off our feet is vast.
Rest assured, these five gems we've discovered, alongside my friends at the Editorial, are bound to sweep you off your feet, leaving you utterly enchanted.
So, sit back, relax, and let the magic of these love stories transport you to distant and passionate realms. Happy reading!

1 Love on the Byline - Xio Axelrod.
In library August 29th.

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Blake Dillon dreams of becoming a journalist and making a difference, but her current job involves paying off hotel staff for gossip. When she gets the chance to interview a film star, she's surprised to reconnect with her college crush, Oliver Benjamin.
Meanwhile, Oliver moves to Los Angeles to be the executive assistant to his best friend, a rising star.
Their paths cross again, sparking unexpected challenges and opportunities in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Follow their captivating journey of love and ambition as they navigate their rekindled connection.

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2. Not my kind of hero - Pippa Grant
In library August.

Love stories for August by LB
Moving to Hell's Bells, Wyoming, to start fresh on a hobby ranch came with its fair share of challenges. Snow, wildlife, and local gossip were to be expected, but the surly new tenant proved to be the biggest obstacle. He's like a distant bear, intriguing yet untouchable.
I have no interest in a new man in my life, especially since he's not just a tenant; he's also my daughter's math teacher and soccer coach.
Our paths keep crossing, and he seems to think I need saving.

Little did I know that he too is a fixer-upper in need of saving. And unexpectedly, I might be the woman for the job.

Hell's Bells, this book has made it to the top of my most anticipated list for the month, and I can't wait to share the amazing storyline, the characters' growth, and the captivating journey that kept me glued to its pages. I loved every moment of it!

3. Hide-away heart - Melanie Harlow.
In library August 7th.

Love stories of August, by LB
All I craved was a break - a mere two weeks away from the spotlight as Pixie Hart, the country music sensation, and a chance to embrace solitude as plain old Kelly Jo Sullivan. However, my quest for peace and privacy takes an unexpected turn due to relentless paparazzi.
Now, my family insists on keeping a watchful eye, and I find myself confined to a cozy cabin, sharing it with a tall, dark, and bearded bodyguard.

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4. From cold world, with love - Alicia Thompson
In library August 1.

Love stories of August, by LB

Lauren Fox works as the bookkeeper for Cold World, an unusual tourist spot that boasts a winter wonderland experience in the humid confines of Orlando, Florida. While it may not be as popular as the trademarked amusement parks, Lauren finds joy in her work, even though "fun" isn't exactly her middle name.
Her coworker, Asa Williamson, thrives on injecting excitement into his days at Cold World. Whether it's organizing Secret Santa events or playfully teasing Lauren, Asa knows how to enliven the atmosphere.
When the owner tasks them with proposing ideas to boost revenue, their friendly rivalry intensifies as they compete for the best plan. However, they soon discover the situation is more critical than they thought, and saving the day requires their polar opposite personalities to collaborate.
Asa realizes that Lauren is more than capable of having fun, and he enjoys spending time with her more than he anticipated.
Similarly, Lauren is surprised by Asa's genuine seriousness about their project, proving that sometimes, opposites do attract.
As they work together, they find that their unique qualities complement each other, leading to unexpected and heartwarming connections.

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5. Cruel seduction - Katee Robert.
In library in AUgust 8.

Love stories of August, by LB
Aphrodite has never been one to shy away from getting her hands dirty, and she won't change that now, even if it means marrying Olympus's arch-nemesis, the new Hephaestus.
With a devious plan in mind, she sets out to keep her dangerous new husband off-balance by seducing the one person he cares about most in this world: Pandora, a woman as beautiful as she is kind.
However, Hephaestus is no stranger to the art of seduction, and he's more than willing to put his new wife in her place. He enlists the help of her ex, the handsome Adonis, who seems like the perfect tool for the job, with his allure reminiscent of fallen angels.
Yet, playing the seduction game comes with a cost - hearts get entangled, and emotions become entwined in a web of desire and manipulation. As the lines between love and strategy blur, Aphrodite finds herself entangled in a dangerous game where both victory and defeat come at a steep price.

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