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Brilliant Celebrations

Brilliant Celebrations

Delvaux brightens up the end-of-year celebrations!

As 2022 comes to an end, la Maison brightens up the end-of-year festivities with its Brilliant Celebrations collection.

In an ultra-black colour or ultra-colourful shades, each one of these precious crystal creations stands out by its delicate refinement and its powerful creative audacity.
The result is a shimmering ode to savoir-faire that looks as though it were bathed in crystals bringing a touch of warmth and luminosity to the bag.
The buckle becomes a jewel on its own.

The golden hour continues with The Brillant dressed in Golden Metallic Goat and in Gold Leaf Porosous, one of the rarest of fine leathers.

La Maison welcomes its cherished community to discover these dazzling creations in-store, where the end-of-year festivities are off to a spectacular start.

For those who come from us (LuxuryBrussels), the maison Delvaux will add a few bubbles of champagne to your discovery of this brilliant collection and perhaps a little extra gift... how nice it is to be pampered!

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