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Brussels golden stones

Brussels golden stones

Brussels High-End real estate, update

Today, let's talk about real estate.
Whatever the amount invested, we can always say that real estate remains an interesting investment in Belgium and particularly in Brussels.
When it comes to premium or top-of-the-range real estate, the term "interesting" is not the most accurate one, considering the figures of the last 2 years, we can talk about a gold rush!
But not all beautiful stones are necessarily golden, to be a member of the "very good investment" club, the golden nugget must have a very green face, i.e. a large terrace in the case of a flat, or a very large garden for a house.

Photo Immo Le Lion

This is the "Covid containment effect" of the last 2 years, the need for green space, the fear of inflation; "...In particular, the need for more outdoor space and the expected inflation are giving a rarely seen boost to Belgium luxury property sales", says Roel Druyts (Hillewaere real estate).
For this year 2020-2021, Sotheby's has had its best year ever, which tells you how the unique and extraordinary period of the global economic downturn has not affected the luxury real estate sector and on the contrary, has boosted it!
Another record was broken, that of the fateful 1,000 sales of properties worth more than 1 million euros reached in 2020-2021 in Belgium with more than 240 properties in Brussels alone.
This very strong increase (+40% for Belgium / +15% Brussels) in high-end properties has of course resulted in the impoverishment of the supply in general, in Brussels the overall portfolio of properties over 1M Euros has fallen by 40% (+/- 540 properties in 2022).

Photo Immo Le Lion

So, even if we can only observe that Brussels stone remains an apparently reliable and solid value whatever the recent crises, it is clear that when it comes to buying high-end real estate, you should not turn to just anyone. We interviewed one of the most recognised and expert agencies in the field of prestige property investment in Brussels, Immobilière Le Lion, and here is the advice of Suzanne Belgeonne and Jean de Kerchove, directors:
"We advise clients who wish to acquire a quality property to contact a competent agency rather than just consulting websites. The latter often propose properties in a less than objective manner, highlighting only the favourable aspects and avoiding the others. Future buyers should start by determining their personal scale of importance in their search criteria. Nevertheless, we always draw attention to the top priority... The situation! The Anglo-Saxons speak of "situation situation situation" and it is true! The surplus value is always realized according to the situation... On the other hand, it can be justified to buy in areas that are in the process of being developed or where there is a project on the horizon that suggests a profitable investment if the prices are still reasonable. Nevertheless, we have noted over the years that the risk was high if, for example, 20 years ago, we predicted a "brilliant" future for the Gare du Midi district thanks to the international links between Paris and London, we must admit that the favourable movement has been very limited, even if some people continue to insist on the potential of the district... Our advice is obviously quite different depending on whether the property is for investment property for private residence for which "indulging oneself" ... remains the watchword and even if possible to respond to a "coup de coeur" ... reasonable! We could still give other advice, but it becomes more personalized".

More info and good advises about premium real estate in Belgium & Brussels : Immobilière du Lion / Victoire Properties / Sotheby's Belgium / Mexx International /

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