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Change of scenery!

Change of scenery!

I move my interior.

Changing the decor feels great and it's exactly the right time to do it!
We "just" came back from vacation, we are in the middle of the back to school period, the idea of taking advantage of this return to Brussels to change the interior of the house and start this next period with a new perspective of home... beautiful and super exciting!

So, the idea is not necessarily to change all the furniture, sometimes it's just enough to rearrange their layout to see the room in a totally different way. However, don't hesitate to remove one or two objects, small or big, furniture that seems to be fixed in its place for too long or another picture that has been hanging on the wall for... forever it seems!

There is also the way of the color, of the visual of bottom. Changing the paint or the wallpaper is also a sure value to bring a saving renewal in its interior, and when I speak here of interior, I also think of our interior well-being!
Try a touch of new color on a part of a wall, the whole wall, or color all the walls with new inspiring and balanced shades.

The green touch is also part of the panoply of good ideas to redefine its decoration, use it without counting, the plants are so much friendly for your interior, its look, the quality of the air that is there and that you breathe and in addition, green deco is top trend!

Now that I've given you this grain of change in your hands, don't thank me, it's not enough wanting change and renewal, you still need to know where to go to find the ideas and nuggets that will be part of your new life at home!
No worries, Brussels is absolutely perfect to pick up this kind of little folly, here are 2 geographical recommendations, more reasons to say "we'll see tomorrow..." :
Reco 1 > without a doubt, the Rue Haute! This street is full of stores, workshops, antiques and decoration stores... a must.
Reco 2 > 2nd unmissable point of the process, Le Sablon and it's just next to the Rue Haute.
For the "New deco FavSpots" > Flamant // Marie's Corner // Signe // Liaigre // Dominique Rigo // Ligne // New de Wolf.
For the "Green touch MustSee" > Daniel Ost // Thierry Boutemy // Bo Flowers Signature // JungleLab // Cita Verdi

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