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Collectible Brussels 2022 - 10 > 22 May
Mia Karlova Galerie

Collectible Brussels 2022 - 10 > 22 May

The international fair for 21st-century collectible design!

After the recently announced Vintage Design Market, here is another absolutely unmissable design event in Brussels, Collectible Brussels, 5th Edition! Brussels has become, over the years, a very serious and essential destination for all design lovers. Design is a subject that is more than open, vast, creative to the highest degree, non-restrictive and which touches the very nature of the future vision of our society.

Movimento Club (Secolo) - Tateyama sofa
Movimento Club (Secolo) - Tateyama sofa

Wikipedia definition, a good start: "A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product or process. The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design".
According to this institution of knowledge, the universe of Design is placed before the realization of an object or a concept.
The most interesting part then comes after the creators and designers have written down their ideas, their calculations, the proportions, the most effective features, the most balanced lines... After this pre-production design work, comes that of making a 1/1 scale sample, that of craftsmanship, finding the best skills and the most suitable materials. The world of design is also that of innovation, creating a unique object is first of all opening the doors to innovation.
Innovate in shapes, possible applications, materials. Collectible Design Fair is clearly an ultra interesting meeting.

Tailored with a strong lead on experimental practices and radical statements in design, COLLECTIBLE has become an unparalleled platform since its inception in 2018 for the showcase and discovery of the finest in contemporary collectible design.

Victoria-Maria Geyer - Roger table, Heimat - 2022 - © Heimat by Victoria-Maria
Victoria-Maria Geyer - Roger table, Heimat - 2022 - © Heimat by Victoria-Maria

Seeking to continuously push the boundaries of creativity, the fair features a refined selection of established and emerging galleries, design studios and renowned editors, brought together by a distinguished network of committee members and creative figures spanning the worldwide design and creation sectors.
Now a global highlight firmly anchored in the design calendar, COLLECTIBLE invites its participants to favour premieres and present works that are either unique pieces, bespoke commissions or limited editions.

More info about COLLECTIBLE > Here!

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