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LUC Chopard All-in-one


The complications of a watch are the diamonds of a ring... How say it better!

The Moon Flying, by Louis Vuitton : 160 components The L.U.C, by Chopard : 516 components The Velvet, by Roger Dubuis : 172 components The Aerostiers, by Vacheron Constantin : 237 components

Indeed, complications are a demonstration of the watchmaking know-how to be worn on the wrist.
If there is one area where experience counts, it is fine watchmaking! Gradually assemble more than 500 pieces in a 3cm diameter case, each in their place and serving the others in a set with an almost perfect organization, we must always say that perfection is not achieved, we do not know never what time has in store for us ...
The world of beautiful watches is really very interesting and so vast.
Here in Brussels, there are some must-see places in Brussels where this art is practiced, where we offer you rare and sometimes unique pieces, where we talk about winder, tourbillon, Alloy, Amagnetic and other learned words known to those who manufacture, assemble and take care of our most precious watches
Here is a first list of Brussels premium timekeepers > Rolex - Yvan's | Tollet |  Hall of Time | Maison De Greef | Maison De Witte | Gilson | ... next 

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