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Dream day with my bestie, no budget limit!
Dream day with my bestie, no budget limit!

Dream day with my bestie, no budget limit!

A day with me and Meryl, it's just a story.

The idea is to imagine this story, following the perfect pitch of a dreamy day, no budget limits, and with my best friend... I said okay, I'll write this article!
I'm a big dreamer, so the "no budget limit" criterion obviously got me completely excited. But the idea is not to go overboard by targeting only the very expensive things, but rather to think about what would make us feel good, complete our wardrobes perfectly, and above all, go eat some amazing food together!

Dream day with my bestie, by LB

We love to eat, and snack breaks are strategic pit stops for us.
So, let's say that for this perfect day with my friend, I envision two breaks, 1 for a very restfull and green around lunch, the other one, with only sugar...
For lunch, we have so many favorite places, making it a tough choice.
But let's say that in September, on a sunny day, we settle on the terrace of Brugmann.
It's perfect for everything - the park, the serenity of the place, the servers weaving between the tables, and the succulent and beautiful cuisine of our friend Matthias Van Eenoo!

Dream day with my bestie, by LB

It's the ideal spot to debrief the morning that started at 9 a.m.
We actually skipped breakfast, each of us preparing physically and mentally at home.
We meet up at Delvaux, for a bag! A bag - it's clear that we always need a brand-new and truly beautiful bag!
So, Meryl and I stand in front of the Galerie de la Reine's window, a truly sublime boutique in the incredible setting of the St-Hubert galleries.

Dream day with my bestie, by LB

We enter and start scanning the area with Meryl, making sure to keep our jaws from dropping. We both adore Delvaux, and after careful consideration, we give a resounding "yes" to the Pin, the Mini Bucket, each in a different color, with the intention of swapping them later.

First stop, Delvaux / Pin Mini Bucket Safran

First stop, Delvaux / Pin Mini Bucket Safran
Get this beauty!
As we step out of the gallery on the left, it's 9:55, and I can hardly believe we spent 55 minutes with Josela at the Delvaux boutique.
Time seems to be flying even faster today.

We hop into a taxi, and the next stop we've scripted in our adventure is a cosmetics rendez-vous.
High-quality products, all-natural, and healthy skin are the focus as we pull up at Delbôve.
They've just revamped their store into a showroom and training center, and we have an appointment.
An espresso arrives, filling the room with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Meryl and I listen attentively to the principles behind the secret formula of their "witch's ritual" - a cream and a pure, undoubtedly magical water. We leave instantly rejuvenated, clutching a splendid Witch's Ritual set!

Stop 2, Delbôve Cosmetics / Rituel Sorciere
Go buy!
The continuation of this delightful day, right after a dessert made of ice cream, fruits, colors, and chocolate, so delicious and a perfect transition for the next high-end boutique on our path... We bid adieu to Brugmann and hopped into a taxi, heading straight to Bulgari.
Steve, the splendid brand director in Brussels, graciously welcomed us into the warm and precious jewelry store on Boulevard de Waterloo.
We were drawn in, almost enchanted, by the gaze of the Bulgari Serpenti. The iconic Bulgari symbol and its graceful lines adorned the entire collection, celebrating its 75th anniversary. It was almost instinctual that we fell for a magnificent little golden serpent that gently coiled itself around our fingers. The Serpenti Viper ring in rose gold for me and the white gold version for Meryl!

Stop 3, Bulgari / Serpenti Viper Ring

Stop 3, Bulgari / Serpenti Ring Viper
Go buy!

We weren't far from the next boutique, one we adored, and we also loved Katrina, its director for Belgium.
Elisabetta Franchi was our next shopping destination... Everything was beautiful, and honestly, it's one of the most stunning women's clothing boutiques in Brussels.

Stop 4, Elisabetta Franchi

As we explored its floors, I won't even begin to recount the time we spent there.

It was well past 5 p.m. when we left, with a top body suit for me, and for Meryl... another bag, one of the house's icons, the Velvet Shopper Bag!

Stop 4 Elisabetta Franchi, Body suit.
Go buy!
Stop 4, Elisabetta Franchi, Velvet Bag Shopping
Go buy!
To wrap it up, no more shopping; let's be reasonable and head to one of our favorite Brussels patisseries, Nikolas Koulepis'.
Nikolas is truly exceptional, exceptionally talented, that is.
His cakes are simply incredible, and the dessert at Brugmann is already a perfect memory.
Everything here is genuinely delicious, but if there's one thing the Nikolas Koulepis house has mastered entirely, it's the raspberry tartlet... absolutely mind-blowing!

Stop 5, Nikolas Koulepis, tartelette
This tartelette, buy and pick up...
Oh, the joy of being a foodie, of cherishing beautiful things, of living in Brussels.
This day is a story written, it's real simply because we imagined it, as if we'd already charted an invisible itinerary that two best friends in Brussels could follow to experience pure pleasure in shopping and indulging in culinary delights. Follow without hesitation, life is short, so share it with those who matter, treat yourself to a new bag, or two, dine on a terrace, take care of yourselves, let your fingers or wrists shine a little brighter, and savor a delightful artisanal tartlet!

To be continued...

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