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DVF Belgium, a family story
DVF Belgium, a family story

DVF Belgium, a family story

ITV with Greta Halfin, a wonderful woman, director of DVF Belgium and Diane's sister-in-law.

New story, about a Brussels woman, the brand that bears her name, and her iconic wrap dress that has conquered the world. It's also a family story, that of the woman who stands behind the brand's success in Belgium, her sister-in-law, Greta Halfin.
Greta, the wife of Diane Von Furstenberg's brother, Philippe Halfin, speaks to us about DVF Belgium.

DVF Belgium, a family story, LB
LB > Thank you, Greta, for this interview! You lead the DVF brand in Belgium, the home country of its creator, Diane Von Furstenberg, who recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic "wrap dress" in Brussels, a design that brought worldwide success to DVF. How did this collaboration begin, Greta? Could you tell us about your meeting with Diane and the early days of DVF in Belgium...

GH > At that time, I had a small multi-brand store in Ixelles. Naturally, I was in contact with Diane since she is my sister-in-law. Diane noticed that her dresses were selling very well as vintage pieces. She decided to produce a few dresses and sell them in my boutique. They flew off the shelves... and that's how the story began. Building on this success, I opened the first DVF store in Antwerp, followed by Brussels and Knokke.

DVF Belgium, a family story, LB

Sold in over ten million copies in forty years, available in numerous colors and cuts, the wrap dress captivates with its lightness, versatility, and elegance. It accentuates the feminine curves without revealing too much, and today it has a wide range of devotees, including Kate Middleton, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Mathilde, Princess Elisabeth, and many others.

LB > Being awarded the honorary citizenship of Brussels, having an exhibition at the Mode & Dentelle Museum, and even having a Suite dedicated to her at the Hotel Amigo that embodies Diane and her DVF universe in a palace in the capital city, a dinner organized by Philippe Close, the Mayor of Brussels, in her honor, collaborating with Charles Kaisin during one of his extraordinary dinners, a reception in her honor at the Red Star Museum in Antwerp, and Diane also visiting the Dachsbeck High School, which she attended as a child. I can imagine that you must have been very busy and sought after recently!

DVF Belgium, a family story, LBGreta & Diane at Brussels city hall.

GH > Yes, the past few weeks have indeed been very busy. We have had some extraordinary moments. And it was with great emotion that Diane, having grown up in Brussels, participated with the same enthusiasm and excitement in this marathon of events.

DVF Belgium, a family story, LBGreta & Diane at DVF headquarters in NYC.

LB > Diane Von Furstenberg is indeed from Brussels, but it was in the United States that her ascent began to become the iconic brand we know today. You have experienced this success from within and have probably also shared it with Diane. Please tell us about the creation of the wrap dress and the early prodigious demand from customers for this model.

GH > Throughout the years, the wrap dress has become a symbol of freedom and power. Easy, lightweight, and wrinkle-free, it has made its mark on the world by embracing all curves, body types, and ages. Its success has given Diane the opportunity to live the American dream. The timeless connection between the brand and women is truly unique.

Interview Konbini style. Quick Q/A, to better know you Greta.

  1. "Night" or "Day"?
    GH > Night!
  2. "Meat" or "Fish"?
    GH > Fish
  3. "Diamond" or "Sapphire"?
    GH > Emerald
  4. "Lion" or "Tiger"?
    GH > Lion (I'm Lion)
  5. "Fantasy" or "Comedy" film?
    GH > Fantasy
  6. "Appetizer/Main Course" or "Main Course/Dessert"?
    GH > Appetizer & dessert!
  7. "Dog" or "Cat"?
    GH > Dog
  8. "Sea" or "Mountain"?
    GH > Sea
  9. "Thai" or "Italian" cuisine?
    GH > Italian

To know more about DVF.
Website  // Go to Brussels boutique.

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