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Fashion Country II
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Fashion Country II

Let's continue to imagine, draw, cut... and talks about home designers.

Second article of the editorial line started at the end of last year in collaboration with Sonja Noel of the house STIJL, pioneer and great promoter of the Belgian fashion design.
The two stores on Rue Antoine Dansaert are the image of these designers made in Belgium, creative, diverse, warm and also ethical.

Today, in the LB Editorial, we are highlighting 4 high-flying, super talented designers and we are not only talking about fabrics and cuts, but also about a jewelry designer, Marie Artamonoff and her brand "Espèces".
To talk about these characters who make the Belgian fashion and design, Sonja helped us, she presents us these 4 style makers.

Jan-Jan Van Essche
An Antwerp based fashion designer who, as most of the designers we are housing, has studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. From very early on this designer was intrigued by Japanese culture and fashion.


His first collections were inspired by Japanese influence only, throughout the years he started to merge the Japanese influence with other cultures he was interested in. Jan-Jan Van Essche stands out because he mostly opts to remove all possible seams and minimizing details, which makes his work very recognisable, he uses earth tones and sticks to dark colors . The Idea behind his style and brand is that his own summer and winter wardrobe do not really differ much. During summer he layers down and during winter he layers up. Therefore his collections are worn throughout the year just by layering up or down.

Christian Wijnants
Christian Wijnants is an Antwerp based womenswear designer, who is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Art. Christian Wijnants launched his eponymous brand in 2003. The brand Christian Wijnants is Known for innovative knitwear, striking prints and a rich color palette.


Versatility is built into the design process, some pieces can be styled differently. There is a sense of freedom and fluidity and timelessness in all of his collections. The designer prefers to use craft techniques and unusual prints to achieve a unique creation. He loves flowing lines and new silhouettes often emerge from moulages.

Sofie D'Hoore
Flemish designer Sofie D'Hoore grew up in a small town near Antwerp. Her love for fashion arose at an early age during the trips she took to Paris twice a year with her mother. But it wasn’t until her late twenties that she decided to do something with her passion for fashion.

After graduating as a dentist, D'Hoore began her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, followed by Textile Engineering in Ghent. After several years of work experience at Franco Bruccoleri, the distributor who introduced brands such as Helmut Lang and Dries van Noten in Italy, she returned to Belgium to build her own brand. She has a love for pure and simple pieces. Subtle details and delicate fabrics reflect the simple beauty of Sofie D'Hoore's collections. She is constantly looking for refinement in terms of fit, color and elaboration. The use of natural materials that can be worn for a long time is very important for her. Imaginative elements are combined with clean lines, without losing sight of comfort. Sofie D'Hoore describes her collection as uncomplicated, sophisticated items that fit the busy modern life.

Espèces is a jewelry brand that fits STIJL perfectly, as it is very unique and well thought out. Espèces are jewels and objects crafted with a fascination for the living and nonliving world surrounding us.

She uses special stones and animal bones to bring a timeless jewelry piece to live. Marie Artamonoff crafts her collections in noble materials such as gold and silver, in her studio in Belgium.

More info about Sonja Noel and STIJL, it's HERE, follow STIJL on social channels IG // FB

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