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Feel good...

Feel good...

Treat yourself in the capitale... and beyond.

No hesitation, the editorial staff decides on the topics and distributes them to the team, a topic on well-being? It's straight to Ruby!
I admit I talk about it a lot in the office, I'm the only one who does yoga, I have 2 cats, a large vegetable garden and I'm a meditation enthusiast... yes, that's right, an expert.

You have to admit that the subject is rich, vast and extremely interesting.
We talk about ourselves, our ability to appreciate ourselves, understanding that it is really very important to take care of myself.

This is precisely the heart of this great wellness trend today, deciding to give more time for oneself, even if it's not much more, because in reality it's not a question of availability, you just have to dedicate moments in your agenda, appointments with someone other than a client, a friend or family, appointments with yourself, just to do yourself good and let go, it's the most efficient way to appreciate yourself better and live happier with others.

So, take your agendas for the next few weeks, at least until the day after New Year's Eve, here are some places for these appointments for yourself (you can go with your darling too, this process can be done together...), in Brussels and a little further, I'm even going to Dubai and Iceland to show you 2 of the most beautiful SPAs in the world...

// Brussels great places to personal care > Senrendip (Website / Go to) - Spasiba Move to beauty (Website / Go to) - Calm (Website / Go to) - O Siam (Website / Go to) - Waer Waters (Website / Go to).

// Around Brussels, "must-go" places for personal care > Elaisa Energetic Wellness (Website / Go to  100km from Brussels) - Spa Valmont (Website / Go to  144km from Brussels) - 5 Mondes Dolce (Website / Go to  40km from Brussels).
Want to travel?
Watch these destinations... part of the Rob Report "Best & most luxurious SPA worldwide"/ Click on pictures to go.
Blue Lagoon SPA - Iceland

Talise SPA - Dubai

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