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Home of the LB cocktail

Home of the LB cocktail

Ask for an LB cocktail drink, get some candy...

A story about a bar, a cocktail and candy.
The first two usually go together very well, we add a little sweet&sugar touch to complete the experience.
We can talk about experience when we propose you to test a new cocktail, made by 50 people of good taste and a world champion bartender, in a place like the bar of the Plaza Hotel!

From now, the Esterel will offer its clientele to come and taste this excellent "Old fashion" cocktail that we made on February 20 during the inauguration of LB media (watch the aftermovie).

During the event, we created an incredible cocktail taking into account the preferences of our guests, entrusted its realization to Sergio Pezzoli (former world champion of cocktail and VP of the UBB) and referenced the recipe.

For this great evening, we also asked Sophie from Papabubble Brussels to propose us a tailor made recipe to make our own candies, Cuperdon flavor and lemon heart!

When the bartender serves a glass of our cocktail at your table, he will also offer you a small glass jar filled with these delicious berlingots that perfectly match the LB cocktail, a clever mix of sweetness, alcohol, fruits and love too.

Bar Esterel - Hotel Le Plaza Brussels - Blvd. Adolphe Max, 118 - Brussels
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