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I was waiting... For 1 Million years
I was waiting...

I was waiting... For 1 Million years

1 Million years, to reach your eyes, your heart and then your finger... The most precious stone is the one that is uniquely cut for you.

The color, the nature of the stone, its shape, its origin, its hardness, its purity, the number of possibilities is endless and the universe of precious stones has many surprises in store, especially since the arrival of synthetic stones...

Esmerald and sisters..

When buying a stone it is imperative to entrust your interests to real professionals, not only trained in gemology and jewelry but also and above all driven by passion to advise you on a particular stone, that you will soon wear mounted on a ring or perfectly adjusted to your neck.
At Luxury Brussels, we adore this universe so rich, colorful, precious and filled with fabulous stories like those told to us by our Insider Moïse Mann, creator of Manalys in Brussels and that we will share with you soon!
Stories of reconstituted necklace in which each stone was cut in a unique way and dispersed one by one across the world, great hesitation to agree on the price of a fabulous but really very expensive rough stone, trips to go to meet the miners, in Thailand, in Sri-Lanka ...
The brilliant and spicy anecdotes of our Insider Cindy Lecomte, gemologist, designer and so passionate about stones and their colors, Cindy will also tell us her stories, her journey, her new adventure with the recently created Gatsby & Me brand!
We have not finished marveling you with the world of precious stones and our great Brussels experts!

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