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In-Air Pet Care, by Luxaviation

In-Air Pet Care, by Luxaviation

First class in-flight experience, including for our furry companions.

When you fly with Luxaviation, their team are committed to delivering the same first-class in-flight experience for every passenger onboard, including your furry and feathered companions.

We love our little fur balls so much, that we would be able to give them all their whims... including the one to ask to be installed comfortably, in the cabin, on the seat near yours, the one near the window!

Traveling with your pet is usually not a pleasure, especially for him. Our furry friends can survive without worries, but for those who must be installed in the hold during the entire flight, and then disembarked sometimes without much care while waiting to be retrieved, there is better...
Of course, it costs a little more, but deciding to use a private flight promises much more exciting and comfortable adventures for our animal friends.

Luxaviation's In-Air Pet Care program has been put in place to offer not only a seat, view and choice, but a multitude of services to make this trip unforgettable for our pet friends and others.
For example, a special menu is offered, and when you know the quality of the meals served on board a Luxaviation plane or helicopter, it is already a promise of an ultra pleasant experience for your dog or cat!
Moreover, the Luxaviation team can also offer you customized services, pet-friendly places, hotels, dog-sitting, etc... which will be proposed at the place of your stay.

The team is also very present not only during the flight, but also at departure and arrival, thus helping to reduce the stress level of our beloved pets to a minimum, almost to zero. Because nothing is too good for them, why not consider this great offer for your next private trip?
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