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Insider's story - Hunting gemstones
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Insider's story - Hunting gemstones

4 students and a master of gems in the heart of the Sri-Lankan jungle...

A new story, as we like them, those which put forward the sharing of knowledge, the transmission of know-how and which bring back to us as memories an extraordinary story, a human adventure and sparks in the eyes of those who tell them to us...

The one we're telling you about today features our Insider, Moise Mann, creator of Manalys and one of our best jewelry artisans.
At the end of February, Moise packed his bags, as he has often done for many years, to travel to distant lands in search of exceptional gems, but this time he didn't make the trip alone...

With him, in this unique adventure, Moise wanted to invite 4 young students of the Royal Belgian Gemological Society to follow him in a journey that led them to the heart of the Sri Lankan jungle, in places that Moise knows well, secret and difficult to access, requiring great physical efforts to reach them, mines of sapphires, rubies or other precious stones reserved for those who know the way and make the necessary efforts to reach them.

For Moise, the purpose of this trip was to show and share his passion, some of his secrets, to make them discover rare places, mines from which the most beautiful stones are extracted, people, living in these mines, working hard to find there after sometimes incredible efforts, really exceptional stones.
There are also the aspects related to the way to recognize exceptional stones, their cutting, the price negotiation and the final selection of the most beautiful stones that will be brought back to Brussels, to Manalys, cut and then mounted on a ring, as a pendant or as the main stone of a bracelet that will never be found elsewhere, unique.
In this adventure, the small group of students accompanying the master was followed by a television crew whose images of this fantastic adventure we will not fail to be published here!
More info about Moise and Manalys >

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