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Interview with Ludovic Elens
Ludovic Elens

Interview with Ludovic Elens

President of Ateliers Gabriel, a group of very skilled craftsmen.

When our team meets in editorial committee, the subject of craftsmanship often comes up.
It is true that we find in this segment of activities a real and great source of content, interesting and so creative.

Today, we have the chance to present you the interview we did with our colleagues of the beautiful "Concierges Magazine", just released!
A great opportunity to learn more not only about the high quality local craftsmanship, but also about the vision of Ludovic Elens, president of the association "Ateliers Gabriel" and founder of "Lunetier Ludovic", optician and creator of made-to-measure glasses.

CM&LB : Ludovic Elens, being a craftsman, what does this notion of craftsmanship mean to you, what is your definition of a craftsman and how does it apply on a daily basis at Lunetier Ludovic, your bespoke eyewear creation shop?

LE : A craftsman is, in my opinion, a person who creates an Object from A to Z, from measurement to manufacturing to delivery.
He is someone who manages all the stages of a project and who makes his technical know-how available to others. A craftsman knows the specificities of his material and seeks to push his limits to excellence. He is a passionate person.
On a daily basis, at Lunetier Ludovic, we apply this definition of craftsmanship by offering an impeccable service from measurement to manufacturing to delivery by putting our know-how forward. We never refuse a project even if it seems complicated to us. This project will help us overcome our limits.

CM : You are president of the Ateliers Gabriel association. What is the main objective of Ateliers Gabriel, bringing together craftsmen to better defend your interests, coming together to stimulate the creativity of each member, unifying means to make your communication more effective? Can you introduce us to this Ludovic association?

LE : Gabriel aims to bring together craftsmen working with passion in the creation of durable objects only. This small group discusses their visions of craftsmanship, materials and tips from this sector.

CM : In the luxury segment, or Premium, we have been witnessing for some years a highly demanded return by consumers to the notions of authenticity, respect, even ethics, do you think that this trend plays in favor of the craft?

LE : Absolutely, craftsmanship generally uses short circuits, promotes the confidence of local suppliers and it is all to our advantage. Customers are also looking for a story in the object created by hand. Being involved in the creative process is a unique experience. The craftsman respects the material and his customers.

CM : We were able to see you, you Lunetier Ludovic and the members of Ateliers Gabriel, during our Luxury Brussels inauguration evening which was a magnificent evening.
It was your association that decorated the tables by presenting, on each of them, the tools that your craftsmen members use in their daily work.
Is this the type of partnership you are looking for to promote the Ateliers Gabriel, these opportunities to shine the quality, craftsmanship and creativity of Brussels, values that are indeed very well represented in your association!?

LE : Gabriel seeks to shine Belgian craftsmanship of excellence and it is certain that with this type of prestigious event Gabriel shines.
Linking our know-how to a quality communication platform is a great idea of win-win mutual aid.

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