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Les Clefs d'Or Belgium in Istanbul
Les Clefs d'Or Belgium in Istanbul

Les Clefs d'Or Belgium in Istanbul

67th International Les Clefs d'Or Congress - Turkey 2023

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Do you know who Les Clefs d'Or are?
We are great friends and admirers of this almost legendary profession, fans of their absolutely unique and so privileged universe, that of grand hotels, absolute luxury and great travellers, that of the sometimes extraordinary stories that these great travelers entrust to the members of this profession, concierges with little golden keys.
In Brussels, 18 concierges ensure the service of the clientele of 9 premium hotels, 2 other members are in 2 properties in Antwerp.
Our 20 experts represent the national section, Les Clefs d'Or Belgium, a very important and influential component of the international association which has more than 4000 concierges, located in more than 500 destinations and 80 countries, literally in every corner of the world.

Les Clefs d'Or Belgium

Les Clefs d'Or is the most important and probably the most influential professional association in the luxury hotel sector.
The principle of this huge interconnected network is to use not only their deep knowledge of key information and access in their local and national environment, but also to be able to prepare, organize if necessary, the trip of a guest who stays today in his hotel, but who tomorrow will travel to another destination, most certainly a hotel with Clefs d'Or service...
This is clearly the strength of this corporation based on friendship through service ("service through friendship" is the historic mojo of Les Clefs d'Or), the ability to offer the same level of service and above all the follow-up of business and many time personal affairs of a guest on his travels around the world, from one extraordinary hotel to another...

Once a year, all the national sections get together, in this spirit of friendship and sharing information, updating knowledge, and also and above all discoveries and experiences organized in the host city, because 'we can only speak in a beautiful way about something that we also know from a beautiful experience.

Les Clefs d'Or Belgium in Istanbul, by LB

This year, it is in Istanbul, a thousand-year-old and sublime city, crossed by the Bosphorus, a river that has shaped the city in its own image, vibrant, intercultural, rich and open to both continents, Asia to the east and the occident to the west, that hundreds of men and women, Clefs d'Or concierges from the 5 continents met.

Les Clefs d'Or Belgium, in Istanbul, by LB

For 4 days, from March 11 to March 15, 6 members of the Clefs d'Or Belgium executive committee represented the excellence of Brussels and Antwerp hospitality during an intense program of activities organized by their colleagues and great friends Les Clefs d'Or Turkey.
Meetings of the international committee, tourism galas in town, welcome dinner, social and corporate program of the Clefs d'Or, opening of the "Clefs d'Or Award" and reception of young candidates for their 1st congress, professional training, conference of many premium hospitality experts, gift exchange and up-to-date information on each destination through several guided city tours.

They are the absolute experts of high-ranking hotel service, the confidants of the greats of this world, the alchemists of organization and of the last-minute solution, the one that absolutely must be found to resolve the concern of a guest who travels the world, from one hotel to another, but who will only confide his problems to the person who wears the Clefs de Bucherer (created as gold version by Bucherer in 1998), the Clefs d'Or.

If one of your next trips could be Istanbul, meet a Clefs d'Or here in Brussels for the best info and advices...

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Stunning video made by Tom Wolf - Chef concierge at San-Francisco, about this 67th congress:

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