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Let's talk about beauties...
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Let's talk about beauties...

... on the roads.

You don't need to be an expert to talk about cars and especially very beautiful cars.
In our time, each decade reveals new possibilities to us, technology evolves very quickly and gives designers ideas to apply these new technical possibilities to our cars, to drive more safely, and above all with a continually more precise style, a tendency to purest lines, to ever greater driving comfort.
The energy is changing, the motors are becoming electric, almost totally since, for example, the Volvo brand is announcing a 100% electric range, then we are also talking about other energy sources for our mobility on the road, we are talking about hydrogen with many, many new models to come that will use this cleaner technology.
Today we remain focused not on the concept of technology or innovation but only on the beauty of the visual, the curves and the comfort, which is seen and felt at the first meeting.
We offer you a selection of beauties, released in 2022 or announced for 2023, according to our tastes and even if it is true that tastes and colors cannot be discussed, let's see if we agree with this choice of 8 cars that we find really very beautiful and which, as soon as we look at their lines, seduce and captivate us, as beauty does.

Audi e-tron Avant

Audi e-tron Sedan

AUDI: The new AUDI A6 e-tron (sedan or "Avant" estate version) The Audi brand presents its new design, very elegant as usual. 100% electric, the A6 e-tron is just sublime!

BMW: the new M2 available in 2023 is really a dazzlingly beautiful little car, we love it.

CHEVROLET: the chevron brand unveils a small bomb of seduction, the new Z06 Corvette! 670 horsepower, as much to say that this little racing car is fast, very fast... for its advertised price, it will take 150,000 euros.

HYUNDAI: the new Ioniq6 arrives in 2023, full electric, the Korean manufacturer takes care of the lines of the Ioniq5 and increases the technological contribution and above all design! A very linear and pure look that we really like, magnificent car.

VOLVO: the Swedish brand continues the momentum already well started with a new model that firmly places VOLVO in a clear vision of their new design. A perfect line, plenty of room inside, 100% electric like all the brand's next vehicles, VOLVO announces a 100% electric range.

MERCEDES: the brand with the star has redesigned its famous SUV in a very beautiful way, the new GLC 2023 will be available from April and it is really very beautiful! It will also be offered in a hybrid version.

ABARTH (for Fiat): the brand hasn't finished blowing our minds with its cute little bomb that it markets with FIAT. The new version of the 500 Abarth is 100% electric and this innovation is generalized to all Abarths which will be 100% electric from 2024. This little car is just perfect and has an implacable power of seduction, a real beauty!

PORSCHE: we finish our selection with the next and totally irresistible 718 Boxster Style edition. From the beginning of 2023, this little wonder will be available, unique sensations and you can expect to capture all eyes when you enter town! The Boxster version in Barbie pink... no comment, we're in love!

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