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Luxaviation, Summer boom

Luxaviation, Summer boom

More than 1000 inquiries per day

A great opportunity to congratulate our friends and partners of Luxaviation for their incredible summer results, always outstanding...
+ More than 1000 requests per day to accompany their clients to the most beautiful and original vacation destinations!

It must be said that they do everything to democratize and improve the service of private aviation, as close as possible to the expectations of travelers who only want to simplify their trips, whether they are last minute or planned.

“Incoming enquiries are off the scale, we’ve never experienced such a busy period. This is partly due to post-pandemic new users choosing to fly privately and safely, but also new users who want to avoid the current airport and airline chaos of delays and cancellations. Typically, we are seeing extended families who regularly fly with us, now travelling with an additional two or three families, enabling them to help spread the cost, travel safely and avoid lengthy queues at airports." said George, head of Europe charter sales at Luxaviation.

We must admit, going on vacation in a private jet is another world.
You choose the departure time, you come back when you want, we take care of everything for you... and the service is incredible!

Try an impromptu getaway, a discovery weekend...
Forget Google flights for this time, take a jet.

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