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Master of wheels

Master of wheels

The Big Ladies over the city.

3 huge semi-trailers, +300 tons, up to 70 meters, several million euros catalog price, 42 nacelles, a jewel of technology and a giant screen, they sit enthroned on their bases, firmly anchored to the ground, their heads in the clouds of 4 very beautiful cities in Europe.

The master of wheels on our continent is René Bufkens and he is from Brussels, he is also one of the partners of our brand and team and a person we love very much, him, his story, his beautiful family and his associate and cousin Toni Denies.
Les Grandes Roues is a family affair, it's more than a job, it's a special life and it's also great responsibilities, those of bringing the spirit of the fairground to thousands of visitors who discover the city from the sky.
There are no urban panoramas without its big wheel which tears up the background, it is to signal the spirit of the carnival, the family fun par excellence and with us the Foire du Midi, our Pleasures of 'Winter and Place Poelaert.

The Ste-Catherine district, at the end of the Quai à Bruler, has recently welcomed the Brussels Ferris Wheel which has taken its long-awaited place at the Plaisirs d'Hiver, surrounded by myriads of warm and multicolored chalets, the 3 other Ferris wheels are also ready to take tourists and residents of Antwerp, Budapest and more recently Paris up to the sky, the latest very large wheel acquired by Giant Wheel Europe, one of the tallest in the world.


This winter, for sure, we will still go for a ride on the Big Wheel, to admire the city and try to locate our own house or neighborhood, exercise our sense of direction, discover the proportions of monuments, follow a police car and being scared, to the sound of a squeaky nacelle... no I'm kidding!

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