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Matthias Van Eenoo to join LB Insiders

Matthias Van Eenoo to join LB Insiders

His restaurant Brugmann, his interview.

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27th personalities to do us the honor and above all the pleasure of joining our Brussels premium community group, and second chef too, Matthias Van Eenoo is the director and chef of the famous restaurant Brugmann.

Gastronomy is clearly one of the stars that makes the sky of Brussels shine and this very high level of quality of services and products recognized by all those who give us the pleasure of visiting us or who are lucky enough to live in the European capital.
It must be said that we are very lucky, there are really a lot of very very good restaurants in Brussels and the Brugmann is very sincerely one of our favorites, whether for a quick lunch and an unbeatable price/quality ratio, or good for a romantic (his new "Saint-Valentin" Menu is out!) or business dinner, this place is almost perfect, just to remind you that perfection does not exist.

Matthias Van Eenoo's level of cuisine is impressive, his cuisine resembles him, frank, generous, creative, honest and colourful, a cuisine that is not forgotten, which is why his restaurant is so frequented by all food lovers, gastro cuisine, top quality products and impeccable service!
If you are already a client of the Brugmann, you will not have failed to notice that ordering a bottle or a glass of wine quickly becomes a particularly interesting moment while listening to the sommelier tell us the stories of the owner of the vine, its inclination or the recent renovations of the castle!

Located in the idyllic setting of the Parc de l'Abbé Froidure, the Brugmann's terrace is also one of its great assets, a garden dotted with flowers in season and reddish leaves on a white carpet when the snow is just around the corner.

We interviewed Matthias with our ITV Inside (Konbini model), his definition of luxury and 3 questions about his profession.

LB > Thank you Matthias for giving us this interview, tell us about your journey in this wonderful world of gastronomy!
MVE > I had the chance and the opportunity to work in the team of Alain Senderens (2 stars in the Michelin guide) at Lucas Carton as well as at the opening of the Mama Shelter, Yann Tanneau and Christophe Aribert (2 stars in the Michelin Guide) at the Opéra Garnier or Serge Gouloumès (1 star in the Michelin Guide) at the Mas Candille in Mougins.

LB > At Brugmann, aesthetics are important, you can see it when you enter our plate, is it important that it be beautiful Matthias?
MVE > Yes, the detail makes perfection. In mastering fine cuisine, aesthetics are important.

LB > Our Editorial recently produced an article on the importance of eating healthy, seasonal products, promoting short food circuits. How do you describe the Brugmann's cuisine? Does it take this notion of product seasonality into consideration?
MVE > Yes! We take the seasons very seriously. It is the variable of a Chef and it is from there that the imagination of the dishes is born. We compose our dishes according to the seasons. They also make us travel in the Mediterranean, in mountain, in the Ardennes...

“LB Inside” interview (short Q, short A).
Q1. Rather “Night” or “Day”?
MVE > Day
Q2. Rather “Meat” or “Fish”?
MVE > Fish
Q3. Rather “Diamond” or “Sapphire”?
MVE > Sapphire
Q4. Rather “Lion” or “Tiger”?
MVE > Lion
Q5. Rather film “Fantasy” or “Comedy”?
MVE > Comedy
Q6. Rather “Starter / Main course” or “Main course / Dessert”?
MVE > Main/Dessert
Q7. Rather “Dog” or “Cat”?
MVE > Dog
Q8. Rather “Sea” or “Mountain”?
MVE > Mountain
Q9. Rather “Thai” or “Italian” cuisine?
MVE > Thai

Tell us your favorite definition of luxury Matthias.
Interview “DefLux LB” > According to you Matthias, which definition of luxury is closest to your vision?
1. Oscar de la Renta: “Luxury is not buying expensive things, it is living in such a way that you can enjoy them.”
2. Henry Royce: “Luxury is when quality remains long after the price is forgotten”.
MVE > Oscar de la Renta

More information about Brugmann and Matthias Van Eenoo, please visit Brugmann Website and follow their social channels.
Restaurant Brugmann - Avenue Brugmann, 52-54 - Click to call them and book!

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