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Pouch of styles...

Pouch of styles...

A story of bags that begins under the skirts of girls ...

Because of the slimmer silhouette of the new end of 18th century style gowns, it became a grave fashion faux pas to wear bulky pockets beneath one’s gown.
Pocket-lines were the panty-lines of the 1790s and no fashion-forward woman would be caught sporting them.
With the death of women’s pockets, came the birth of the women’s bag.

Baguette, Barrel, bowling, pouch, reticule or minaudiere...; there are more than 25 models, styles or categories for this crucial accessory (deliberately powerful adjective) of each of our daily outfits, especially for us, the women...

The handbag has this great advantage over any other accessory, it is not only a key element of the outfit, but also and especially super useful!
Just a point here to inform our friends the boys who read this article, that the number of things and other small "trinkets" that you sometimes call useless, well this number simply depends on the size of the bag that our outfit imposes on us, logically!

Photo. Amadinia L.

We adapt the number of all these small indispensable things according to the bag that came in the morning perfectly adapted to our clothing choices!
That's it, did you know what the most expensive handbag in the world is?
Here it is...

The "Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond purse" which sold for a ridiculous $3.8!

Aside from this beautiful and almost impossible to carry bag, have you ever considered how many bags you're going to take on vacation this summer?
Straight to the closet for the brown, black, or any other winter color bags, it's probably time to go shopping...(??)
The summer bag of the evening, the one of the dinner for example, we make the most beautiful photos of vacations (instagrammables) in evening with if possible a sublime layer of sun in bottom...; the day the style is different, the air more adventurous,... we also make a fast video for the followers of TikTok so that your community can follow your adventures, the bag must correspond!

Summer bag, crucial.. ^^

That's it for this talk about our sweet addiction to this beautiful accessory, we do not bother to linger on the side of the price, the main thing is the quality of the material, the know-how of the craftsmen who made it, a vacation bag must be very beautiful, but especially very strong!

Here are some places in Brussels, with the most beautiful bags... the one you probably need for this summer ^^
GPS handbags spots in Brussels > DELVAUX - Bd de Waterloo // YUSO - Ave de Messidor // LILU - Rue du Bailli // REPETTO - Galerie du Roi // CHANEL - Bd de Waterloo // HERMES - Bd de Waterloo // LONGCHAMP - Ave Louise // KAAI - Galerie du Roi // ...

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