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RATNARAJ, the Red Gem // Storie of stones
Ratnaraj, the red gem

RATNARAJ, the Red Gem // Storie of stones

In this first publication of a series that we want to dedicate to precious stones, a universe so rich and so interesting, let's start with the King, or the Queen, everything depends on the genre we want to give it.

The ruby, or "Ratnaraj" which means in Sanskrit "King of precious stones", also called Kuruvinda (Corundum) has sprinkled the history of mankind with its red and brilliant aura.

Ruby, Queen of gemstones

The ancient civilizations of Europe and India considered the Ruby to be the Stone of the Sun.
In antiquity, in Burma, hidden behind the 3 valleys Mogok, Kathé and Kyat and their lush vegetation hid legendary ruby ​​mines, King Pegou only lit his city with these Rubies which blazed like torches!

Mogok Valley - Burman - Rubies mine

From legendary Burmese mines to Star Elizabeth Taylor with her immoderate taste for rubies, the red gem has always fascinated.
Glamorous stone par excellence and exceedingly rare, it is perhaps the only one that can compete in price with diamonds.
Birthstone of the month of July, the ruby ​​also represents the stone attached to the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries ...
And there you have it, we always end up talking about love with precious stones and to talk about it, nothing more important than to trust the real Brussels experts who will know how to find the perfect red gem, the one that will make shining red your 15th or even your 40th year of living together!

Luxury Brussels recommend the maison Manalys and its owner Moise Mann, Insider of our community and gemstones hunter and expert.

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