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Say hi to Lucas!

Say hi to Lucas!

Short story about a new comer.

Just a small desire to share with you this story of a photographer who has just joined the Edito team, no need to make a whole article, just a few lines and pictures of Lucas Verbeke, a very nice and creative young photographer, open to the world, solar and super talented.
Lucas contacted us, and joined us after a first meeting, bringing his good energy and creativity in our global edito, especially the visual part and image.
We are more or less the same age, Lucas has already traveled the world, under contract or visiting to see what part should be captured by his lenses, he is a Brussels native who loves Brussels and talks about it as someone who knows what it is to live elsewhere and not discover it as a tourist.
Photographer of BEL RTL for 3 years, he works regularly with the team of Radio Contact, also shoots for Belgian brands, follows the tour of Lost Frequencies, continues his journey in France by making the photos of the backstage of the show Incroyable Talent, he travels a lot, Hong-Kong to join a friend who must make a campaign for a local client or Los-Angeles the time to decompress by spending a week with a group of rap.
In a short story, and some pictures of his book, we go around the world from Brussels to come back, we have a lot of pictures, thousands of moments captured forever, in a lot of universes, in a very simple way, just like Lucas.

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