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Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales
Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales

Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales

Endless metamorphosis, empowering women..

Because it's all about inspiration...
"Reinterpreting Serpenti sign over and over without changing its identity is an inspiring challenge.” said Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s Jewellery Creative Director. “It is this perfect balance between its heritage and creativity evolution that has made the icon truly timeless and always in step with the times".

Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales, by LB
Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales, by LB

It is a gold and precious stones opportunity to highlight this sublime brand and the 75th anniversary of the Serpenti, the mythical icon of the maison Bulgari!
As a pendant, perfectly placed on the chest or gently wrapped around the wrist, the fabulous snake of Bulgari continues its history and its metamorphosis, since the late 40s.
Long before the mythical creature made its way into the prestigious world of jewelry, there was a Serpenti legend, deeply ingrained in human history.

Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales, by LB
A legend which would take its source in the Greek-Roman mythology, in Egypt and the Queen Cleopatra who added a chapter of mysteries to this legend by its veneration of the snake and the cause of its death, certain experts (ndlr. get this book!) affirming that the Queen of the queens would have committed suicide by being bitten voluntarily by an Aspic.
In this mythology, because of its propensity to shed its skin, the snake was thought to possess transformative and regenerative abilities. The ouroboros, a representation of a snake biting its own tail to create an endless circle without beginning or end, served as a symbol for this universal energy that is constantly renewing.

Ouroboros the myth of endless life
Since the first Serpenti model in the history of the Bulgari brand, which was founded in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, the brand has constantly maintained the myth of this exceptional jewel, unique in its design since 1948, when the first Serpenti creations made their debut as jewellery-watches to be wrapped around the wrist, the snake's ever-changing nature and eternal spirit have been a recurring and magnificent quest that requires all the unique know-how of Bulgari's craftsmen.

Serpenti, 75 years of infinite taes, by LB
The first Serpenti
was crafted employing the ingenious Tubogas technique, coupling masterful goldsmithing with the innate suppleness of the icon.
The industrial-inspired flexible tubular band of precious metal, obtained without soldering, was an expression of Bulgari’s spirit of innovation and therefore naturally suited to Serpenti’s future-oriented identity.

Serpenti, Bulgari - 1948 Juvenia model
Serpenti, Bulgari - 1950
Serpenti, Bulgari - 1969

The Bulgari serpent started to take on a more figurative style in the 1950s, with a priceless head adorned with ruby, emerald, or diamond eyes. This evolution reached its zenith in the 1960s when the snake's garb became a blank canvas for artistic experimentation and its seductive scales were sculpted with the aid of gemstones and colored enamels.
As the jeweler of extraordinary women, Bulgari has consistently been inspired by the charisma of its muses, creating energizing pieces that honor an outgoing personality and an audacious outlook.
Women have affirmed their right to live independently, to develop their talents, to pursue their dreams, and to live life in accordance with their desires over the past 75 years.
Serpenti has been their devoted ally, evolving alongside magnetic women who own their magnetic charm, from the red carpet to the workplace.

Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales by LB
Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales, by LB
Serpenti, 75 years of infitine tales, by LB

Serpenti, 75 years of infinite tales, by LB
Today, the Bulgari house is writing an important chapter in this legendary story, the Serpenti is once again unveiled even more sublime than ever, on breathtaking jewelry creations, a no less perfect line of leather goods... thank you Bulgari for this extraordinary universe made of precious stones, legends and craftsmen, happy birthday to the most precious of snakes!!
More about the Serpenti, click here   or visit the Bulgari boutique in Brussels > Bring me there (GPS) // Bd de Waterloo, 36 - T. Call the boutique.

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