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Skyward bound
Skyward bound

Skyward bound

Top-down temptations: summer's stunning convertibles.

With the wind in our hair, we trace the sinuous curves of the coastline, the golden rays of the setting sun igniting the ocean, while the sky adorns itself in evening hues, and a few clouds have transformed into cotton candy with tints of orange.

Skyward bound, by LB

Tonight, we dine in that renowned little village at its finest restaurant. A beautiful table awaits us by the small fishing harbor, promising the best seafood platter in the region. The road stretches long, and that's just perfect – we're cruising in a convertible.
May it be a distant destination, allowing us ample time to watch the sky unfurl above us.
In a cabriolet, the journey is the highlight of the evening, especially on the way back when the darkness sprinkled with stars has taken over from the fiery setting sun. In the wind, the journey becomes a fantastical experience.

If you've read this far, you might suddenly find yourself yearning to take a closer look at the subject of convertibles for your upcoming vacation, or even for use back home in Brussels! I readily acknowledge that opportunities to lower the top and commune with the sky during the commute are few and far between.
But it's precisely the positive aspect of Brussels – a city where its residents eagerly await the sun, as if we were all on vacation.
The bustling terraces at the slightest ray of sunshine serve as proof!
And so, without further ado, here's our selection – well, mine with the green light from the team, of course – of 5 sublime convertibles for your wind-in-hair journeys:

Cab.1 // Aston Martin / Volante DB12

Skyward bound, by LB
Exquisite, quite possibly the most beautiful convertible in the world, the DB12 Volante is a vessel of cutting-edge technology that will carry you along the roads of the most enchanting tales to experience. Even if you're headed to a meeting, it will be an incredible journey thanks to the path you've traversed in this splendid car, at the heart of adventures...

Skyward bound, by LB

To see this beauty, join Aston Martin Brussels > Website  //  Go GPS

Cab.2 // BMWThe 8

Skyward bound, by LB
Well, here we are again! What to say in the face of such beauty, with lines precisely in their places, performances that dazzle, and onboard technologies that astound... BMW's The 8 Convertible also belongs to the world's most stunning open-top cars, and like the DB12, it might just be the most beautiful of them all. The 8 comes in its original mode or the M Competition variant, a choice that only seasoned drivers can truly appreciate, price is twice more ^^ .

Skyward bound, by LB

To see this beauty, join BMW Brussels >Website  //  Go GPS
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Cab.3 // Mazda / MX5 ST

Skyward bound, by LB
Here it is, my favorite, my cherished little convertible, preferably dressed in red to suit my taste, ready for hours of leisurely drives on the roads of my upcoming coastal vacation! Mazda has always played a masterful role, positioning its iconic MX-5 among the top 5 convertibles globally, and in my own personal ranking!

Skyward bound, by LB

To see this little beauty (and beast!), join Mazda Brussels > Website  //  Go GPS

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Cab.4 // Bentley / GTC Azure

Skyward bound, by LB

Yet another exceptional car, one of its kind. Bentley has consistently offered convertibles of exquisite beauty. A long drive along the coast, mirroring the storyline of our tale, but this time with a Bentley GTC Azure – it's incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to elevate the convertible vacation experience any further!

Skyward bound, by LB
To see the GTC Azure, join Bentley Brussels > Website  //  Go GPS 

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Cab.5 // Mercedes Benz / CLE

Skyward bound, by LB

Saving the best for last, like a delectable dessert. However, in this restaurant of choices, the appetizer, the main course, the service, and the ambiance – everything is impeccable in this selection. And it couldn't culminate without the magnificent Mercedes CLE.
The Mercedes experience, elevated with an immense spirit of freedom.
This convertible is simply fabulous, an experience to savor before succumbing to the model that will whisk you away on your wind-swept soirées...

Skyward bound, by LB
Watch this beauty by joining Mercedes Brussels > Website  //  Go GPS

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