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The 5 Sea View destinations for the Easter vacations!
The 5 Sea View destinations for the Easter vacations!

The 5 Sea View destinations for the Easter vacations!

5 short flight time travels, to enjoy sea, sun and good life...

It's blowing a strong wind, like a very strong wind in the direction of the vacations, they started today and for those who have some of the next 12 nights planned in front of the sea, or those who still have no idea where to go to relax in front of the big blue, we propose you 5 sublime islands of the Mediterranean, 5 hotels with a little something extra, all of them served by direct flights from Brussels Airport!

Our first reco is in Majorca.
Majorca, the stunning island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a favorite destination of Brussels people.
It's easy to see why. With its turquoise waters, picturesque towns, and dramatic landscapes, Majorca is a true gem of the Mediterranean.
Visitors from Brussels can soak up the sun on secluded beaches, explore charming villages, or indulge in delicious local cuisine.
The hotel? > Hotel Pleta de Mar, here is a small caps to start imagining..

Private beach, a breathtaking sea view, a very high level of service, high-flying dinners with extraordinary views, this is THE destination to consider Majorca in a perfect way.

After Spain, Italy, of course, inevitably Italy, probably the most beautiful country in the world and I am pleasing some people by saying this, although I think it almost totally...
So Italy, total and full, Sicily in particular, a totally fabulous place, a property located on the side of Etna, perched to better surround the infitiny sea, a unique view, a starry gastronomy and even an ancient Greek amphitheater...again, let's watch this great film and start your Italian, Sicilian experience.
3rd destination, the island of Crete, east of Heraklion, the hotel is an experience on its own.
If you add the truly incredible beauty of this island, the birthplace of Zeus according to Greek mythology, you are probably closer to paradise than you think.
A destination to follow, more and more people from Brussels are going to this rock filled with history, mythology and pure beauty, a stay between the sublime private beach, the SPA and the temples and archaeological sites located all around.
The hotel? > Amirandes, Grecotel.
Hardly 2 hours of planes, and we find ourselves in Corsica, in the Cap Corse more precisely. A mythical hotel, Serge Gainsbourg made it a place of pilgrimage, to write...
A real 5 stars signature, in the marine of Cagnano, in Porticciolo.
Here is the strong nature and the power of the sea, a stay escape in a domain of 22 hectares dedicated to the relaxation and the contemplation of the most beautiful island of the world, according to the lovers of Corsica... like me.
The hotel? > Misincu - Cap Corse.
Final trip of the selection, last destination but certainly not the least beautiful, direction Sardinia, we leave from Charleroi airport (as for Corsica), and we fly to paradise in barely a morning.
Awarded as "Best resort in the World", it is in a top luxury resort of more than 50 hectares that we offer you a "one of a kind" experience, in the south of Sardinia, a perfect destination for the family, a absolutely fabulous place, feet in the turquoise water of the Mediterranean.
The hotel? > Forte Village Resort Sardinia.
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