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The bearded men

The bearded men

Best spots in town to pamper your virility.

Nobody more objective than a woman to talk about men, and in particular about a resolutely masculine attribute, you know what I mean ladies... yes, the beard!

Far be it from me to say if wearing a beard is a good thing or not, but I'm not going to try to be neutral in this matter, I'm part of those who find in this purely aesthetic appearance a real charm and uniqueness that titillate us a little!
I know that a small majority of us women, are not big fans, and for several reasons and in this case the first of all, "it stings" ...
But again, be careful, there is no comparison between a man who lets himself go for a few days and finds himself with a fleece that can be very aggressive (and prickly!), especially in the early stages of growth, just before the hair begins to soften to form a silky and soft comforting beard.

In this article we talk about real bearded men, men who maintain an appearance in which the beard is a key element of their charm, presence and charisma.
Those who take care of their faces with the appearance a little more warrior like, more virile because obviously, the beard has this function to support this notion of virility in our boys and this social notion does not suffer any hesitation.

For example, the army corps of the Foreign Legion (Legion Etrangere) has made it compulsory to wear a beard since 1844, other elite military or police corps are plebisciting the wearing of a beard today like the famous Guardia Civil in Spain which maintains this superb image of the strong and bearded policeman or even the image of the famous Spartan warrior from our antiquity!

For our most beautiful Brussels bearded men, we confirm that in our beautiful city, there are a lot of places dedicated to them, real professionals, skilled and experts.
Ready to have your beard pampered by a pro?
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