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The High-Line jeweled eyewear...
The High-Line jeweled eyewear...

The High-Line jeweled eyewear...

Introducing an extraordinary collaboration.

In the realm of artisanal craftsmanship, where exceptional skills meet boundless creativity, a remarkable collaboration has emerged between the extraordinary eyewear designer, "Lunetier Ludovic," and the exceptional jeweler, "Manalys."
Together, they have joined forces to create a truly unique masterpiece—the High Line jeweled eyewear. Both artisans are based in Brussels, each renowned for their distinct expertise. Ludovic Elens specializes in crafting bespoke eyewear, using noble materials and incorporating innovative designs. On the other hand, Moïse Mann is a master jeweler, renowned for crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces adorned with exceptional gemstones.

The High Line jeweled eyewear, by LBThis dynamic duo embarked on a collaborative journey, dedicating six months to the meticulous creation of the High Line eyewear. The result is an exquisite pair of glasses, meticulously crafted from ethically sourced Asian buffalo horn. The frames are delicately adorned with an intricate white gold filigree pattern, accentuated by a stunning arrangement of 206 diamonds.

"As eyewear artisans, we work with various materials. Our focus is on the object itself, which can be crafted from wood, solid gold, tortoiseshell, and more." Said Ludovic.
Moïse envisions new possibilities, saying, "This time, we have chosen diamonds, but for our next project, based on a client's request, we could explore colored gemstones and even play with white, yellow, or rose gold."

The High Line jeweled eyewear, by LB

The High Line jeweled eyewear embodies the perfect harmony between timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication. The rich textures of the buffalo horn frame, meticulously sculpted by Lunetier Ludovic, exude an aura of natural beauty and exclusivity.

The High Line jeweled eyewear, by LB

The delicate white gold filigree, handcrafted by the skilled hands of Manalys, intertwines seamlessly with the frames, adding a touch of opulence and refined luxury. The sparkling diamonds adorning the filigree bring an exquisite brilliance to the overall design, captivating all who behold this extraordinary creation.

This collaboration between Lunetier Ludovic and Manalys represents a true celebration of craftsmanship, combining their individual mastery to transcend the boundaries of traditional eyewear design. The High Line jeweled eyewear is a testament to their shared passion for creating exceptional pieces that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Immerse yourself in the world of the High Line—where visionary artistry and refined craftsmanship converge to create a truly unique and awe-inspiring pair of glasses.
Experience the epitome of luxury and elegance with this remarkable creation born from the extraordinary partnership of Lunetier Ludovic and Manalys.

The High Line jeweled eyewear, by LB

This is precisely the kind of story we love to tell – no exaggeration, just highlighting excellence, a brilliant idea, an artisan's adventure, and, above all, remarkable individuals. Ludovic and Moise share many commonalities, even though their crafts may appear vastly different at first glance. They find ways to come together, combining their expertise to create the epitome of luxury – a unique and rare masterpiece.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to them. Let us emphasize that we are doubly proud to showcase their talents. Ludovic and Moise are among our esteemed Insiders!

To see and try this amazing creation by Manalys & Lunetier Ludovic, please: Manalys GPS to the jewelery  //  Lunetier Ludovic GPS to the workshop 

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