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The true value of your family treasures
Value of your family treasures

The true value of your family treasures

It's time to take out your old chests...

There are things that are passed down from generation to generation, things that stay in the family and don't come out, never...
As if these things carried a signature, a common DNA, values, ancient stories.
Whether it is a simple ring, a necklace or a brooch whose presence in the family sometimes goes back several centuries, we keep these precious objects, not for their pecuniary value but rather because it is about respecting a mission, entrusted a long time ago by our ancestors.

Now we find ourselves in the role of the one who has to get the message across and who will entrust our descendants with the protection and responsibility for the transmission of these time traveling objects.
It is a role that some take very seriously, taking care to keep these treasures in the family, in safety, patiently awaiting this sacred moment when this role of guardian will also have to be transmitted to ensure again a new generation of tower guard around these precious objects. Whatever your will, to continue this role of guardian or to think about changing the course of things and selling these treasures, knowing the true value of these extraordinary pieces to decide or not to part with them is a delicate thing and not to be entrusted to just any expert!
Estimate the value or why not sell a family treasure is a real responsibility but it is above all very interesting to know to what extent these objects which have shared our lives for so long could why not make it even more comfortable and sometimes reserve us some surprises like an appraised value well beyond our imagination ...

There are a few recognized experts in Brussels who will be able to welcome you and advise you in this process.
Let's talk about our Insider, Moïse Mann from Manalys, who is a real gemstones and jewelry expert and a perfect interlocutor if you may be interested in the idea of studying the value and quality of your family treasures!

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