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This Summer, meet the sun with class!
Hat Family

This Summer, meet the sun with class!

Here is the summer, it's time to think about your head, go shopping!

We have already written an article on this essential accessory, this iconic last touch of elegance and also and above all, perfect sunscreen for your beautiful face...
There is officially, unless proven otherwise, no sunscreen as stylish as a hat that fits, and none that lets your skin breathe without any makeup or sunscreen, quietly covered by Mister Hat, carefree enjoying the bracing air of a perfect summer.

Let's face it, the sun is beating down and even if you think you don't have a "hat face", it's almost always because you lack the self-confidence to take on the last touch that comes, as it has been for centuries, to complete the clothing line of a man or a woman, especially during summer.

You have to dare to perfect your summer look because this period is also perfect to test the look with a very classy hat, or maybe a little more extravagant for girls, in a place where you are not recognized at every corner as in Brussels, known for its village side, it is still certain that your new look "+hat" will pass less unnoticed than in the middle of the alleys of old Barcelona.

So we agree, let's go to one of the good hatters of Brussels, let's go shopping and let's go on vacation...
Here are some guaranteed landmarks > Monsel | Lemesre | La Chapeliere | Elvis PompilioFabienne Delvigne... 

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