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Tracked "LB lovers" summer destinations II

Tracked "LB lovers" summer destinations II

Opus 2 about YOUR fav spots in summer.

In the same way as for the previous and first destination that YOU love, St-Tropez; here we are in the Imperial city, Marrakech, pearl of Morocco and indeed, you are numerous to go to this absolutely sublime place for the summer vacations.

This summer, there will be no vacations for me and my friends of the Edito team (we are leaving in September (^^)), so this editorial line about your vacation destinations is particularly enchanting for me!
Writing an article about a destination automatically provides 2 ways to talk about it.
Either you've been there, or you dream of going there, I've been there many times!
I am a fan, so this article will be deliberately directed ^^.

Marrakech is above all very beautiful and romantic, for its gardens, its square at sunset, its secret Riads, its popular markets and local artisans who present their products on their hundreds of multicolored stalls, I often found beautiful items... but all this, from 7pm onwards at least, Marrakech is also very hot in summer!

The city of Marrakech is not only very beautiful inside, the possible walks within a radius of 100km are incredible, from the mountains to the desert, from the steep hills hiding the local restaurants that cook you an amazing and so tasty Tajine, from the huge plains to the unique landscape worthy of a Lucas movie, Marrakech sits in the middle of a paradise.
Happy vacations to all! In Marrakech or not!

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