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Tracked "LB lovers" summer destinations

Tracked "LB lovers" summer destinations

Let's talk around YOUR fav spots in Summer...

To tell you the truth, the idea of highlighting YOUR favorite vacation destinations came straight out of a meeting between the Edito and Marketing, when Raph (our digital marketing chief) announced that we could know the vacation spots of not only our LB community, readers, subscribers, regular visitors and also those of our Insiders..., maybe you could meet one of them at apero time!

For this first LB destination, Saint-Tropez!

Indeed, we have noticed that a certain number, not negligible, of you chose this sublime little Provençal village and world famous, a common point with one of our Insiders, Christophe Cormanne of the maison DIOR.
So Saint-Tropez, a mythical destination whose icons belong to the whole of humanity, and which have directly contributed to the fame and international image of France since the 1950s, no, no, that's not exaggerating!

Brigitte Bardot has even pushed things to the point of becoming the effigy of the official bust of Marianne, guardian of the founding principles of France, Liberty, Equality, etc..
It occurs to me that she had to refuse to replace the national rooster of the French team because she thought it was going to be cooked... a little humor is always good.

Enough jokes, we announce the release of a new series on the life of the most glamorous starlet, scheduled for 2023 and directed by Danielle Thompson, judge for yourself the incredible resemblance with the young actress chosen to play the role, Julia de Nunez.

See by yourself>
So beautiful and glamour BB!

Julia de Nunez

In a less glittering register, the formidable series of films featuring a group of gendarmes a little special, whose first opus "The Gendarmes in St. Tropez" and the following films have made the rounds of the planet, have also contributed to the influence of the Provencal village.

As basic essentials of the destination, we will obviously note the "pétanque", for the amateurs in stay, do not miss a game on the Place des Lices (or Place Carnot), it is THE local national sport!

Finally, the official drink, the Rosé, written with a capital R, here it is almost a religion.

For those who are interested, you will find around the village a large number of prestigious wineries that you can not only visit (the 2022 harvest is scheduled for the end of August) but you can also taste the best vintages (not in full sun, and with wisdom ^^).

Finally, we wish to those of you who were reading this from your deckchair on one of the sublime beaches of St-Tropez or not, or at the table of your restaurant, a wonderful and creative summer vacation!
See you in the next article for the next LB destination!

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