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Vegan beauty

Vegan beauty

Good brands, best spots in Brussels.

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An update on Vegan cosmetics and this (rather new) trend to a greater requirement on the level of commitment of a brand to offer 100% plant-based products, which is the very basis of a Vegan cosmetic product.
Let's have a look.

Before presenting you some of these brands which seem to us the most honest and transparent in this commitment, let's remind you that a "Vegan" brand is not necessarily "Organic", and vice-versa, ditto with a "Cruelty free" brand (not tested on animals), which may not be "Vegan" or "Organic"...
The Chinese market requires that imported or locally produced cosmetic products be tested on animals, some brands really "cruelty free" will impose not to offer its products to the Chinese market which will become the 1st market for cosmetics in the world in 2025!

Whether they are Vegan and/or Organic and/or Cruelty Free, there are some very beautiful brands, committed and sincerely motivated to propose a clear, transparent positioning.
These brands are therefore often bought by the main cosmetic groups in the world such as LVMH or L'Oréal, but they still keep the confidence of consumers, and rightly so. Since we are talking about these recently acquired brands:

KVD (Kat Von D.)
Superb products, the vast majority of which are Vegan, the brand's creativity and the talent of its creator, the tattoo artist Katherine Von Drachenberg, have quickly made her one of the most sought-after make-up artists. Vegan for many years (most of her products are marked #veganalert), her brand is naturally cruelty-free. The brand was recently acquired by Kendo, a company belonging to the LVMH group, which practices animal testing.

Urban Decay
The Urban Decay brand can boast of being cruelty-free and its products vegan for the most part (a 100% vegan range is available). If, in 2012, the takeover of the brand by the large group L'Oreal - which tests on animals - was more than controversial, we can give credit to the brand for having kept its ethical policy, including refusing to open up to the Chinese market.

Nyx Cosmetics
It is thanks to word of mouth, but also to a communication based only on social networks, that the American brand has convinced its first customers. But not only. Cruelty-free, the brand is also one of the first to have been labeled by PETA, for its ethical commitments.
Like Urban Decay, Nyx Cosmetics was bought out by L'Oreal in 2014 but has continued its total pro-animal policy and positioning, the products are really great.

Let's focus now on some beautiful brands, 100% Vegan:

The first French cosmetics brand to obtain the PETA cruelty-free and vegan label, Pachamamaï, which means "our nourishing earth" in Quechua, offers only natural, handmade and organic products, notably from plants of the Amazonian forest. Ethical and ecological, the packaging is also recyclable.

Pai Skincares 
Independently certified both by Cosmos and B Corp., Pai skincares is a really Vegan and No tested on animals engaged brand, but more of everything, their products, their formulas are homemade, with fabulous ingredients and a real commitment to results. A beautiful brand and real great story, made in London, by Pai 100%.

The Italian brand's products quickly convinced those who had given up on the idea of finding a range of cosmetics that were organic (with products free of parabens, silicones and GMOs), cruelty-free, vegan (except for the foundation and concealer) and gluten-free. In addition to its impeccable ethics, the brand offers quality services, especially the lipsticks that combine the softness and hydration of a balm.

Evolve Organic Beauty
Also certified by B Corp, the brand Evolve Beauty is 100% vegan and cruelty free is growing and winning many awards for its great work and commitment, total confidence in this brand and its top quality products.

In this world of cosmetic brands and this growing trend towards transparency and commitment to Organic or Vegan, our role as consumers has never been so strong and important to encourage these many high quality brands and really passionate about this permanent search for the beautiful molecule, natural, without defect, the most effective formula and 100% respectful of the skin and others, whether in the choice of its ingredients, their methods of sourcing and manufacturing and their marketing.

There are in Brussels a large number of institutes, cosmetic care centers that share not only this desire to bring you high quality products, 100% organic, Vegan and not tested on animals, we give you some leads of real professionals, to you to demand your label Vegan, Organic or Cruelty free label!

LB curated best bio and vegan skincare spots in Brussels:  

- Salon Velasquez by MG
Rue des Chapeliers, 38
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- Beauty by Kroonen
Rue Lebeau, 67
Call for booking

- Senteurs d'Ailleurs
Place Stéphanie, 1
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- LabelChic
Rue A. Dansaert, 95
Call for booking

- Delbove cosmetics
Rue de l'Abbaye, 67
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- Ultra Asylum
Rue Van Eyck, 30
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