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Want to go skiing?

Want to go skiing?

5 perfect destinations by LB

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I don't know about you, but I ski every year! The mountains, the fresh air, the dazzling white all around you and that fabulous feeling you get when you are on the chairlift, the time to reach the top, that magnificent silence and the mountains around!

There is always a little apprehension when you remove the barrier to evacuate the chairlift, at the top you have already planned whether to go right for a dizzying red run, or left and go down quietly with a blue or green one...
To each his own style, we even pay attention to the design of our ski-suit, in case we fall, let's at least do it with class!
Skiing is that, but it's also and above all the atmosphere of a resort later in the day, the long drinks in the after-ski terrace, the typical restaurants and the evenings in the hotel or in your winter residence, we have sifted through many ski destinations and selected 5 resorts, 5 hotels, to be 100% sure to spend your next winter sports holidays in a perfect way.
2 in France, 2 in Switzerland and 1 for the big adventure lovers, 1 in the USA!
Have a great trip! Have a great holiday!

> Megève - France - 1113m alt.

The station:
Megève, the famous French resort of Haute-Savoie, the typical small village of French refinement, authentic luxury and a Mecca of great skiing!
We offer you to stay in Les Fermes de Marie of the Sibuet family, a magnificent hotel made with the materials of more than a hundred years of alpine farms, a perfect place for an exceptional stay.

The hotel "Les Fermes de Marie":

> Courchevel - France - 1850m alt.

The station:
Located in the French Alps, this exclusive resort attracts millionaires and billionaires from all over the world.
The winter sports resort is by far the most luxurious in the world. It has no less than 5 palaces out of the 6 Alpine and 31 French ones.
These places of excellence demonstrate a unique know-how to sublimate the French art of living.

The hotel "Barrière Les Neiges":
For any inquiry here, please ask Alain, the concierge Clefs d'Or!

> Saint-Moritz - Switzerland - 1820m alt.

The station:
As one of the most beautiful and prestigious Swiss resorts, St. Moritz is without doubt one of the most luxurious resorts in the world.
The Swiss village's clientele is predominantly from Western Europe. Attracting an aristocratic public, its 9 five-star hotels boast 20th century architecture.

The hotel "Kulm":

> Zermatt - Switzerland -1600m alt.

The station:
Also located in Switzerland, Zermatt is without doubt one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. It is a luxurious resort with 5 five-star hotels and 2 one-star restaurants.

The hotel "The Omnia":

> Aspen - USA Colorado - 2430m alt.

The station:
Here is our destination a little further on, Aspen, the ski Mecca of America and especially of the Californian clientele.
The holywood has its own chalet there, you will certainly cross a celebrity on your way to this magnificent resort for your ski holidays!

The hotel "The Little Nell":

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