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We love candies!

We love candies!

The little candy store, made in Brussels.

There are two ways to make candy, the first is more than simple, just fill the tanks of the machine with the required ingredients, add some products with barbaric and scientific names, curcumin, nitroquinoline, azoxymethane, do not forget the color, many colors ... when all these products are gathered... you just have to press the button, so that at the end of the big machine, come out the small sweetnesses, very sweet because the manufacturers of industrial candies use among other things the sucralose (E1955) which is a substance 600 times sweeter than the natural sugar!

You have understood, this method is to be banished, we prefer by far the second one, the one of the tradition, the one of the 100% natural products, the one of the handmade, by candy craftsmen and following recipes and ancestral manufacturing methods, just to find, during a great session of frantic sucking, the real taste of our candies of before.

Did you know that we have our own candies at Luxury Brussels? Yes!

You can't even imagine how good our candies are!
We designed the recipe, chose the ingredients, the color, the level of acidity, everything was custom made to make a little Cuperdon flavored candy, so you can stay Belgian even while eating candy!

Here is the secret... In Brussels, nestled in the heart of the Grand'Place district, there is a small shop that diffuses all around it, in its street, fabulous sweet and perfumed smells with a thousand floral scents.

Papabubble is the name of this traditional confectionery, creators of artistic candies!
The artisans of Papabubble make dozens of different candies, using 100% natural and Belgian ingredients and an environmentally friendly method.

So we are categorical on this point, in these conditions, eating candy becomes not only an extraordinary pleasure, but it becomes almost a recommendation to bring throughout your day, small moments of pleasure and sparkling by tasting these small sweet treats.

Finally, we encourage you to visit this traditional Brussels confectionery, to meet Sophie and discuss with her to create your own candy, uniquely made for you, whether to give as a gift with a wow effect on an occasion or to keep them only for yourself!

More about this amazing candy boutique > Here to visit website or Here to go with GPS
Send an email to Sophie > Here 

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